What do I enjoy about being an Escort?

The jump into the unknown and the heartthrob before a date. Leaving my comfort zone, which is always rewarded by new exciting encounters and beautiful memories. Getting to know interesting and experienced gentlemen and spending an unforgettable evening with them, after which we both drive home with a smile – that is what I love most.

Short introduction

I am very sensual and natural – I don’t play a role but show my real passion. I love an extensive foreplay and like to spoil my partner extensively. I really enjoy when the man takes over the dominant role. Then I can devote myself to him and let go.
I am also very passionate and I like it when a man knows what he wants – that turns me on! I like to be spoiled. But I’m also open for new experiences, and when the chemistry is right I like to learn new things.


That flame inside

The tingles. The adventure. The feeling that you get just before seeing the gentleman that is waiting behind the door. Sex, in all its forms and shapes. Letting yourself go without regret. It’s a beautiful feeling when you leave your partner happy and satisfied, and both of you can look back to a beautiful experience; Think of a possible happy end game! I can talk quite eloquent and feel on an eye-to-eye-level even with older men. I love profound, yet funny conversations, interesting people and decadent ways of wasting time. I want to be an artist and dedicate my live to studies – but even an artist must eat, doesn´t it? And why not taking a glass of champagne, too?


Some hobbies

I often go to the theatre and love to travel, which allows me to see the many cultural treasures of the world. Nature is also very important to me; I love to hike in the mountains where I can really relax! I love eating in nice restaurants and I enjoy trying out new things. I like to read (especially crimes novels), learning new languages and I also do a lot of sports – dancing, fitness, yoga – everything that’s fun and gets me sweating…


I am like sweet chocolate – too much and you’re addicted!

When it comes to love the mystery tends to a full ~ panache, and turns into a great temptress. The hot-blooded charisma and romantic assurances enable the conquerings of men's hearts in one fell swoop..don't try to resist! For me, love is a game that demands great variety, and a little give and take. When it comes to private play, I am vivacious, liberal and very energetic. I love experimenting and trying out new things to expand new horizons.


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